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Get Geomatics Services from an Experienced Surveying Firm 

Since 1948, the professionals at Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc have provided a diverse set of geomatics services in New Brunswick for our clients, including surveying, planning, and engineering. By keeping up with newest technologies from Leica Geosystems, we provide the most technically sound services available to a diverse set of clients across Atlantic Canada.


Whether you’re a homeowner, law firm, construction contractor, or engineering firm, we can customize our services to suit your needs — and do so economically. As a result of our experience and professionalism, many of our clients choose our team time and time again whenever they require geomatics services.

If you require geomatic/surveying services, please reach out to us. 

Optimize Your Land Usage

Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc has access to the region’s leading planning experts in order to maximize your land usage. Whether it’s a single commercial lot, municipal land, or residential subdivision, we’ll be there to create a unique space that is optimized for maximum usage.


Visit our planning services page to learn more about our land use optimization and legal surveys services.

In-Depth knowledge

At Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc, we are multi-faceted, made up of specialized teams to ensure the most in depth knowledge possible for each type of  project. 


Road Construction -  Subdivisions - Echo Sounding (bathymetric) surveys - GNSS navigation and positioning - Bylaws - Permit applications - Zoning change requests.


Our team provides extended support to our out-of-town customers, namely large construction and engineering firms outside New Brunswick, with our extensive knowledge towards all their needs relating to permits, restrictions, and land usage. Additionally, our diverse client list spans to:

  • Commercial Developers and Contractors (retail spaces, subdivisions)

  • Canadian and US Firms (specialized support team with advanced zonage, and allowances expertice)

  • Real estate transactions and homeowners (property authentication, property plans)

  • Lawyers and notary publics who work on deeds (quick, professional service when you need documentation or plans)

  • Heavy Industry and Manufacturing (construction, expansion, building, automation plans)

  • Municipal governments

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Ensure your project goes off without a hitch by working with a professional surveyor — call to arrange a consultation with Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc.

Safe Worksites

Maintaining safe worksites benefits our employees and clients. All workers of Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc are COR-certified through the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association.

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Professional Affiliations

Professional Quality with Integrity

In our nearly 70-year history, Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc has remained a trusted and respected leader in the geomatics industry. It is our mission to provide professional and personalized surveying, planning, and engineering services throughout New Brunswick. Our team is known for the quality of our work and integrity. In always keeping our eyes on the horizon, we consistently explore innovative, forward-thinking ideas, as well as keep up to date on the latest technologies.

Our industry experts cater to a diverse set of clients across Canada and the US with their projects in Atlantic Canada.

Success by Satisfaction

We measure our success by both the satisfaction of our clients and of our employees. In valuing our employees and giving them the tools necessary to conduct their work in a professional manner, we yield consistently positive results for our clients.

Dedication to Safety

At every job site, we make an unyielding effort to achieve quality and ensure the safety of our employees and clients. We are COR-certified through the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association.

State-of-the-Art Surveying Equipment

For surveying and scanning, we keep up-to-date with equipment options. What this means for our customers is faster, more accurate scans when compared to traditional methods.

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Would you like to learn more about the team at Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc? Please drop us a line to arrange a meeting with our team.


We use state-of-the-art surveying equipment to provide high-definition, GNSS, legal, Lidar, topographic surveys, and more.


We’ll be there to assist you with your engineering and design needs, whether it’s a subdivision, municipal, or construction project.


With professional land use facilitators on staff, we can assist you with land use optimization and legal surveys.