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Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc in New Brunswick has several teams specializing in its land surveying, planning and zoning, and municipal engineering projects. We ensure all the measures required to keep our employees and clients equally safe on our project sites. Get in touch with our team to request a quote.


Survey prices depend on the project's location and its legal survey fabric, the natural characteristics of the land, what kind of survey is to be conducted, how much time the survey will likely take, and preparing the required plans and paperwork. An accurate estimate can only be based on the information you give us, especially the project's finer details.

How Survey Costs Are Determined

Here is a short introduction to the variable factors determining how survey costs are calculated.



The more accessible the land terrain is, the easier it is to survey. Thus, flat plains are simpler than hilly or forested areas.

Field evidence


Cornerstones and other permanent objects on the land parcel make the survey easier, acting as markers for further calculation.

Land dimensions


The geometric shape and size of the land parcel, with their increased or decreased areas and distances, directly contribute to the cost.

Deeds & records


The existing legal paperwork/documentation of the property may not always be accurate or complete, and some may be awaiting resolution.

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