Get Help with Land Use, Planning, and Zoning in New Brunswick

At Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc, we offer a full range of services for municipalities, contractors, civil engineers, construction supervisors, and project managers. We have specialized departments with the right people and technologies to provide professional land use, planning, and zoning services across New Brunswick.


Our work is related to municipal planning, wetlands, and more. Together with our in-house engineer and other teams, we provide integrated services that deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions. As each project is different, we tailor every plan to your project’s needs. 


Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc has a wide experience of nearly 70 years. We share our wealth of knowledge with you so that you can make informed choices to unlock full investment potential. We try to help you get more use out of your property by assisting you in navigating bylaws, permit applications, zoning change requests, right from the start.


To view some of our latest planning projects, please visit our recent projects gallery.

Legal Surveys

Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc offers surveying, mapping, and land information management services. Our skilled professional office and field personnel are fully supported by our continued investment in modern instrumentation, training and the latest software.

Zoning Applications

We provide land zoning assistance for a variety of zoning types. Our services are useful in land planning, exhibit preparations, feasibility studies, and zoning applications.

Municipal Development Plans

Our team has extensive experience handling a variety of municipal planning projects, including variances, subdivisions, conditional use permits, planned unit developments, and more. We always aim to provide consistently clear communication between the developer and municipality in order to facilitate mutually beneficial results.


For design and planning purposes, identification of lands affected by a wetlands designation is an important step in the development of a resource area. We can provide assistance with maximizing the return on your land development.


Having a solid land use optimization plan can help you transform or rehabilitate lands previously restricted from development.

Land Use Optimization

Our design and municipal land use planning facilitators assist clients with the creation of unique and livable spaces, as well as the land-use optimization of entire subdivisions. Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc’ clients also have ready access to our planning and engineering experts.


Having a solid land use optimization plan can help you transform or rehabilitate lands previously unsuitable for a certain type of development.

What can be made with the land, what the restrictions are, how to unlock the area’s investment potential, how much can be made on a property? Whatever the question, you can rely on Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc for information on zoning restrictions, wetlands, etc. We are happy to advise clients right from the beginning of a project.

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