Boundary & Property Line Surveys for Homeowners across New Brunswick

With a whole team dedicated to professional land surveys for homeowners, we at Hughes Surveys & Consultants Inc offer various services, including reference plans, fence line or property line location and residential construction layouts. We also help homeowners and small contractors with permits, restrictions, topographic surveys and settling property line disputes.


With our years of experience and acquired knowledge, we help you maximize the use of your property at budget-friendly prices. For boundary surveys, precise details on legal descriptions, and comprehensive permitted site construction plans, we are just a call away.

For homeowners and small contractors, we offer much more than just the survey. Our wealth of knowledge on restrictions and permits can help builders and homeowners maximize the use of their property and fully realize their investment potential.

Survey Plans

These survey plans describe a parcel of land by dividing it into sections or parts to resolve its legal description. Such a plan is a useful addition to consent applications while creating a new parcel during severance or property transfer. Reference plans are meant to be submitted to the local Land Registry Office, which maintains such records.

Fence Line or Property Line Location

We help you with a formal report based on a land survey that clarifies your property's boundaries to you and your neighbours. The document has information on property corners and suitable points for a fence line. It is useful in resolving conflicts and keeping your home safe as well.

Residential Construction Layout

We offer layout sketches that outline the details of the house structure and specify setbacks or policy restrictions of residential properties. Thus you get clarity on stakeout details for excavation, specifications for footing placement, and an as-built survey of the location while renovating your home or building anew.

Topographic Survey

These survey documents specify finer physical details of your property, such as elevations along with existing structures. A topographic survey helps engineers, architects, and contractors plan and design a proposed site by identifying features such as water bodies and pipelines.


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